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Revere's Silver Shop

Paul Revere's silver shop was the cornerstone of his professional life. Although he became involved in other businesses, silversmithing was his earliest and most enduring pursuit. Revere began his career as an apprentice to his father. His earliest maker's mark was the same as his father's, and evidence suggests that they shared patterns for casting handles and other parts. The elder Revere died in 1754, before Paul was old enough to run the shop on his own. However, within a year of returning from service in the French and Indian War, Revere took over his father's shop inheriting its customer base, tools and good reputation.

Revere's business ledgers reveal that his shop was an active place. He trained a number of young men in the trade including several family members. He also employed journeyman silversmiths who had completed their formal training but lacked the capital to establish independent businesses. As the master of the shop he was responsible for both the workmanship and the quality of the metal. Silversmithing requires the heavy labor of pounding metal flat or raising it into shapes, a good eye for design, knowledge of the elements of style and a steady hand for engraving. Revere was personally involved with the fabrication of silver in the early years of his career; however, his daily involvement with the shop declined after the Revolution as he began to expand into other business concerns. By the 1780s, his son Paul took charge of the silver shop on a daily basis, leaving Paul Revere to pursue other business opportunities -- a hardware store, foundry and eventually a copper rolling mill. Click here to view an ad for Revere's shop that appeared in the Massachusetts Centinel on June 6, 1787.

The Master Silversmith at Work

Silversmithing in the tradition of Paul Revere is alive and well today at Old Newbury Crafters. Click here to view images of their recent demonstration at the Paul Revere House and learn how Revere produced his silver work in the 1700s.


Revere Silver - Learn about the items produced in Revere's silver shop and view photos of his work.

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