The Paul Revere House  
A True Republican
The Life of Paul Revere

by Jayne E. Triber

Portraying the man behind the myth, A True Republican goes beyond the famous "ride" to explore Paul Revere's larger role in the American Revolution, the evolution of his political thought, and his transformation from Revolutionary artisan to entrepreneur in the early republic. Jayne E. Triber's insightful reading of both primary and secondary sources- - including government documents, Masonic records, and Revere's personal and business papers - illuminates the social, cultural and economic factors that shaped Revere's Revolutionary activities as well as his ardent interpretation of republicanism. Through the lens of one man's life, Triber explores the meaning and attraction of republicanism for artisans, the social structure of Revolutionary and post-Revolutionary America, the importance of Freemasonry, and the development of political parties in the newly formed republic.

"The best full biography we have of Revere." - Gordon S. Wood, author of The Radicalism of the American Revolution

"Based on extensive work in the papers of Revere and his contemporaries, as well as in the Boston press, this book provides a solid, believable picture of Revere. It will become the first resort for scholars looking for information on Revere and his connections and will fill an important gap in the literature of the period. Its clear writing and relative brevity should make it valuable for classroom use and there should be a broader interest from general readers." - Steven C. Bullock, author of Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasonry and the Transformation of the American Social Order

"Triber has given us the fullest picture we have of Revere by showing that his real significance lies not in the folklore engendered by Longfellow's poem, but in his representative significance as a leader in an emerging working-class culture in which personal ambition, upward mobility, patriotism, and a sincere regard for the public good helped energize the revolutionary cause. Her study is a fine example of the way in which an arresting historical narrative can be combined with social analysis of a high order.... a triumph in the voluminous historical literature on republican ideology and the Revolution." - Irving H. Bartlett, professor emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Jayne E. Triber is an independent scholar and a former employee of the Paul Revere House.

Book Signing:
Jayne Triber signing her book, "A True Republican; The Life of Paul Revere" in the courtyard of the Paul Revere House on July 12. General visitors and Revere fans enjoyed chatting with the author. Autographed copies of the book are available from the Paul Revere House. To order your copy use our online order form or call us at 617-523-2338.

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