The Paul Revere House  

Virtual Midnight Ride

Soldiers Revere being rowed across the Charles River Paul Revere on horseback Isaac Hall House in Medford Mile marker from colonial times Buckman Tavern in Lexington Hancock-Clark House in Lexington William Dawes on horseback Paul Revere capture site

An Interactive Map of Paul Revere's Ride

On the map, find and click on illustrations that represent the
eight items shown below to access photos and other details.
If you have trouble locating an item, click on the link itself.

Paul Revere being rowed
Paul Revere on horseback
Isaac Hall House
William Dawes on horseback
2 Red Soldiers

Arlington mile marker
Buckman Tavern
Hancock-Clark House
Revere capture site (Concord Road)

Note: Map not to scale. Revere and Dawes traveled separately to Lexington.

Map and Illustrations by Cortney Skinner

Additional Thanks:
Barbara Kerr, Medford Public Library; Doreen Stevens, Arlington Historical Society; Edith Juron Perlman, Curator of Collections, Evanston Historical Society and Charles Gates Dawes House; Richard Kollen, Archivist, Lexington Historical Society; Massachusetts Historical Society.

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