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Children take on the roles of Paul and Rachel Revere and other historical characters during the Revere House's Midnight Ride Storytelling program.

Field Trips

The Paul Revere House offers interactive educational programs designedto acquaint students with Boston's long and colorful history. Built inthe 1680s for a wealthy merchant, the house became home to silversmithand famous midnight rider Paul Revere during the Revolutionary era. Inthe 19th century, landlords divided the structure into crampedapartments for immigrant families. Containing remnants of many periods,the house provides a perfect setting in which to explore everyday lifefrom colonial times to the early 20th century.


We begin accepting reservations for the current school year the day after Labor Day. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. We accept reservation requests by phone (617-523-2338) or by fax. Before contacting the Education Department please fill out a Reservation Request Form (available to download below) to assist you in the planning process. We do not accept reservation requests by email. If you are planning to make a booking for April, May, or June, we encourage you to contact us several months in advance as these are popular times for field trips to the museum.

Please remember that you do not have a reservation until we have confirmed the arrangements with you by telephone and you have received a written confirmation.

To request a reservation for a Paul Revere House site visit
or program, please use our Reservation Request Form

Tours of the Paul Revere House ("site visit") and hands-on schoolprograms are described in detail below.

Site Visit

For groups walking the Freedom Trail or on a whirlwind tour of Boston,this is the perfect option. Outside the Revere House, a member of themuseum staff tells the story of Revere's ride and presents a briefhistory of his home. Inside the building, museum staff provide afascinating glimpse into everyday life for the Revere family, describingthe intriguing furnishings and personal artifacts on display. Plenty oftime is available for questions. Pre-visit materials provided.

Time: 30 - 45 minutes
Grades: 1st - 12th
Class Size: Up to 40 people at a time.
Larger groups may reserve consecutive times (30 minutes apart).
Fee: 75 cents per child 5-17, $2.50 per college student or senior over 62, $3.00 per adult

The Man Behind the Myth

During a short slide presentation, children find out what reallyhappened on Revere's midnight ride. In small groups, students examineletters, advertisements and reproduction artifacts, looking for cluesabout the man behind the myth. Intriguing details emerge about Revere'spersonality, contributions to the Revolution, large family and manybusiness ventures. An interactive tour of Revere's house completes theprogram. Pre-visit materials provided.

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Grades: 4th - 7th
Class Size: Up to 22 students.
Two programs may be scheduled concurrently.
Fee: $130

One hour version available for classroom presentation. Fee: $175.

Paul Revere's Midnight Ride: Storytelling Program

Students wend their way through the
North End, reenacting the dramatic
events of April 18, 1775

Find out what really happened during Paul Revere's midnight ride. Watcha short slide show which separates the facts from the myths surroundingthe ride, then retrace Revere's route from his home in North Squaretowards the Charles River. Children don hats and carry props as they go,taking on the roles of Paul and Rachel Revere, their children, Britishsoldiers, rowers, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and many others. Pre-visitmaterials provided.

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Grades: 1st - 3rd
Class Size: Up to 22 students
Fee: $130

One-hour version available for classroom presentation. Fee: $175.

Walking Tour: Paul Revere's Boston

Explore the neighborhood where Paul Revere lived and worked. This tourincludes stops at the locations of Revere's silversmith shop andfoundry, Boston'swaterfront, Copp's Hill Cemetery and outside the Old North Church. Asthey explore the North End, students gather details about Revere's lifeby inspecting prints and reproduction artifacts, and discover how Revereused Boston's geography to his advantage. Price includes a tour of theRevere House and pre-visit materials.

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Grades: 3rd - 12th
Class Size: Up to 20 students per tour. Two tours may bescheduled concurrently.
Fee: $130

The Revere Children and the Siege of Boston

After his midnight ride, Paul Revere couldn't return to Boston. Whatbecame of his family as patriot forces besieged the city, trying toexpel the British troops? Children find out as they take on the roles ofSarah, helping her mother pack to flee the city, and Paul Jr., leftbehind to guard the house against marauding soldiers. Pre-visitmaterials provided.

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Grades: 3rd - 6th
Class Size: Up to 22 students.
Two programs may be scheduled concurrently.
Fee: $130

One-hour version available for classroom presentation. Fee: $175.

Boston's North End: The Immigrant Experience

Paul Revere's North End changed dramatically in the 1800s as Irish,Eastern European and Italian immigrants settled in the colonialdwellings in enormous numbers. At the City of Boston Archaeology Lab,students examine 19th-century personal care items, toys and kitchenutensils excavated at the Revere House. Each artifact providesfascinating clues about the families who lived and worked in the RevereHouse when it was a boarding house. On a walking tour through the NorthEnd's twisting streets and alleyways students hear accounts of childrenwho grew up in the nearby tenements, discovering how they helped supporttheir families by working as "newsies," trooped to the local bath housewith little brothers or sisters in tow, played stickball, and helpedtend rooftop gardens. Pre-visit materials provided.

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Grades: 3rd - 12th
Class Size: Up to 22 students per tour.
Two tours may be scheduled concurrently.
Fee: $130

Fun and Games in the 1700s

Introduce young children to life in colonial Boston through games popular in the Reveres' era. Inside the Revere House, students search for beans, thimbles, a bed wrench and other household items colonial families incorporated into pastimes. Students then try their hands at games such as Snail, Button-Button, Jackstraws, Beast-Fish-Fowl, and Ninepins. Fascinating details emerge about many aspects of daily life. Pre-visit materials provided.

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Grades: PreK-1st
Class Size: Up to 22 students.
Two programs may be scheduled concurrently.
Fee: $130
One-hour version available for classroom presentation. Fee: $175.

Something Special

If you would like to develop a field trip emphasizing an aspect of thepast not covered by the programs described in this brochure, pleasecontact the Education Department. We are delighted to help you find theresources necessary to design a program which will best complement yourcurriculum.

Outreach Programs

Save the cost of a bus by having the Revere House come to you! One-hour versions of The Man Behind the Myth, The Revere Children and the Siege of Boston, Paul Revere's Midnight Ride and Fun and Games in the 1700s are available for presentation in the classroom for $175 per program.

A minimum of two and a maximum of three Outreach Programs may be scheduled at the same school on the same day. For travel to schools beyond Route 495 a travel reimbursement fee will be charged. Please call the Education Department at 617-523-2338 for further information about Outreach Programs.

What teachers have said about Revere House programs:

"I don't think (my students) will ever have a trip that is moreinteresting or educational."
1st Grade Teacher, Vining School, Billerica,MA

"I like the way the material was presented and the way the children wereinvolved. We all learned a lot and it fit right in with ourcurriculum... The (pre-visit) booklet sent in the mail was filled withgood ideas."
3rd Grade Teacher, John Eliot School, Needham,MA

"The (students) loved it! They actually got to see what they werelearning about (in school) and it made it real."
Special Education Teacher, Phinneas Bates School,Roslindale, MA

"The kids learned a lot about Paul Revere and, what is most important,what kind of person he was! He was taken off the pedestal... andrespectfully brought to life."
7th Grade Teacher, Shoreham Wading River MiddleSchool, Shoreham, NY

"The guide was superb! He was able to tell the history in bothlanguages for my bilingual class. He was energetic and showed a greatdeal of enthusiasm."
4th/5th Grade Bilingual-Spanish Teacher, William E.Russell School,Boston, MA

"Role-playing the actual characters was awesome - it made the whole dayseem 'alive'... It was the best field trip that I've been a part of."
6th Grade Teacher, Deerfield Community School,Deerfield, NH

Programs for Summer Camps

Hands-on programs developed for children attending area day camps. Fourprogram options give groups the choice of participating in astorytelling program about Paul Revere's midnight ride, an herb gardenscavenger hunt, a program on the Revere family at work, or a programplaying 18th century games.

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